1. A bed of roses comfortable

and easy work

2. A black sheep rogue

3. A bolt from the blue sudden

shock and sad event

4. A bone of contention cause

of dispute

5. A bottle neck hindrance

6. A fair weather friend

companion of good times

7. A far cry something very


8. A feather in one’s cap


9. A fool’s paradise utopia

10. A golden mean middle

course between two extremes

11. A herculean task daring


12. A hornet nest cause of


13. A lame excuse greatest


14. A laughing stock an object

of ridicule

15. A rainy day a time of


16. A lion’s share a major part

17. A red letter day a very

important day

18. A rolling stone a fickle

minded person

19. A shady deal a dishonest

and questionable transaction

20. A square deal a fair


21. A tall talk boasting

22. A turn coat one who

deserts his principles,


23. A white elephant

something very costly to


24. A wild goose chase

fruitless work.

25. Above broad clear

26. All greek and latin beyond


27. The apple of discord cause

of dispute

28. All in all having full power

29. An axe to grind selfish

motive to serve

30. An open secret already


31. Apple of one’s eyes very


32. At a loss worried

33. At a stone throw very near

34. At dagger’s drawn with


35. At home in very strong

36. At large free

37. At one’s fingers ends be

master of

38. At one’s wit end worried

and confusion

39. At random aimlessly

40. At sixes and sevens


41. At the eleventh hour at

the last moment

42. Bad blood enmity

43. Bag and baggage with all


44. Bear the brunt of be the

main victim of

45. Beat about the bush say


46. Beggar description difficult

to describe

47. Bell the cat lead in a

dangerous situation

48. Besides the mark


49. Block headed fool

50. Blot out erase or remove

51. Blow hot and cold be

favourable and unfavourable at

the same time

52. Blow one’s own trumpet

to boast

53. Break the ice start


54. Bring to the books punish

55. Bury the hatchet make

peace, end enmity

56. By and by after a while

57. By fits and starts


58. By hook or crook anyhow

59. By leaps and bounds


60. Call a spade a spade speak


61. Carry the day be victorious

62. Catch red handed to catch

at the sp0t

63. Chicken hearted timid,


64. Child’s play easy work

65. Cut the Gordian knot to

solve a difficult problem

66. Die hard to refuse to


67. Die in harness die while on


68. End in smoke come to


69. Ever and anon occasionally

70. Fall flat to be ineffective

71. Fall short decrease

72. Feel the pulse of know the


73. Flesh and blood body

74. Follow suit do the same


75. From hand to mouth to

pass life in difficulty

76. Get into hot water be in


77. Get rid of be free

78. Get the wind of come to


79. Go to rack and ruin be


80. Grease the palm bribe

81. Hard and fast definite

82. High and low people of all


83. Hold good remain in force

84. Hue and cry in confusion

85. In a fix in confusion

86. In black and white in


87. In cold blood mercilessly

88. In full swing very active

89. In lieu of in place of

90. In quest of in search of

91. In the nick of time just at

the right time

92. In the prime of quite


93. In vogue in fashion

94. Ins and outs full details

95. Keep company with to


96. Kit and kin all relatives

97. Leave in lurch leave in


98. Live fast live in luxury

99. Live from hand to mouth

pass life in difficulty

100. Loaves and fishes profit

101. A queer fish a strange


102. To pour oil on troubled

waters to pacify matters

103. A rainy day a time of


104. A red letter day a very

important day

105. Root and branch entirely

106. A red rag to a bull cause

of anger

107. Rough and ready

unpolished manners

108. Red tapism official


109. Round and corner near

110. A rolling stone one who

is not constant at one work

111. A royal road an easy way

to achieve an end

112. To smell a rat to suspect


113. Snake in grass to be in a

state of fear

114. Shoulder to shoulder in

co operation

115. Safe and sound safely

116. To stand on ones legs to

be independent

117. To see eye to eye to


118. Snake in the grass a

hidden enemy

119. A sheet anchor the chief


120. To sail under flase

colours to try to deceive

121. Smooth sailing no


122. Spick and span neat and


123. Swan song a last great


124. To stink fast to grow

worse and worse

125. A stiff necked person an

obstinate person

126. A short cut an easy way

127. To shut one’s eye to


128. To see red to get angry

129. Street arabs homeless

and parentless person

130. Through thick and thin

under all circumstances

131. A slow coach a lazy


132. To sit on the fence to be


133. From hand to mouth a

miserable existence

134. Fed up to be tired of

135. A fish out of water in an

uncomfortable existence

136. A fools paradise joy

based on false hopes

137. Face to face personally

138. To face the music to face


139. To fish in troubled water

to take advantage of others


140. To give a slip to escape

141. First and foremost very


142. A fly visit hasty and brief


143. Foul play bad intention

144. A gala day day of


145. A fatal disease a disease

that causes death

146. To get the sack to be


147. To go without saying to

be clear

148. Give and take mutual


149. To go through fire and

water to make sacfice

150. To get into hot water to

get into trouble

151. To grease the plam the


152. To gain ground to


153. To be a good hand at to

be expert

154. Hand to hand a close


155. Hide and seek to deceive

156. High spirits to be very


157. The high and low of all


158. Half hearted very healty

and sound

159. Hue and cry to raise


160. A hard nut to crack a

difficult problem to solve

161. Heart and soul with full


162. A broken reed an

frustrated person

163. A bird eye view a general


164. To carry the day to


165. A begger description

difficult to describe

166. Birds of feather person

having same profession

167. To beat the hollow to

defeat completely

168. To bear the brunt of to

bear the consequences of

169. A bed of throns full of

sorrow and sufferings

170. A bed of roses full of joy

and pleasures

171. Between the deep and

devil sea between two great


172. A bird of passage a

migratory person

173. To build the castles in

the air to form imaginary


174. Bread and butter


175. To come to hand receive

176. A cock and bull story

imaginary story

177. A cool head a clam


178. To cry for the moon wish

for something impossible

179. Crocodile tears to show

false sorrow

180. To catch red handed to

catch while committing crimes

181. A child play something

very easy

182. To come of age be major

183. To carry fire and sword

to cause destruction

184. To cry over spilt milk to

reach crisis

185. To change hands to pass

from one person to another

186. A cry in the wilderness

useless cry

187. By fits and starts


188. A dead letter no longer in


189. To dance to ones tune to

carry out orders

190. A dark horse a

competition of unknown


191. Eye for eye tit for tat

192. A drawn game in which

no team wins

193. At random Aimlessly

194. At first sight at first


195. Above all more than

anything else

196. Above broad openly

197. At a discount declining

198. Apple of one’s eye an

object of love

199. Apple pie order in

perfect order

200. At draggers drawn with

to be enemies

201. An axe to grind selfish

motive to serve

202. At one’s wit end to be in


203. At an arm length very


204. Add fuel to the fire to

increase anger

205. At a stone throw very


206. As a matter of fact really

207. At all events positively

208. A feather in the cup a

very good achievement

209. At home in to be very


210. All in all the most

important and powerful person

211. At sixes and sevens in


212. A man of iron a man of

strong will and determination

213. To show white feather to

show fear

214. At the eleventh hour at

the last moment

215. To rise like a phoenix to

start afresh from the lower


216. To meet one’s waterloo

to meet one’s defeat

217. High and low of all ranks

218. A man of letter scholar

219. To bury the hatchet to

make peace

220. To set the thames on fire

to do a heroic deed

221. To sound a red alert to

make alert

222. To beat about the bush

to talk about unimportant


223. A boon in disguise a

benefit in loss

224. A big shoot important


225. To play ducks and drakes

with to squander money

226. To die a dog’s death

unheroic death

227. To break the duck to


228. Rise form the ashes rise

form the low

229. My hands are full I m

very busy

230. To give someone a piece

of mind to scold

231. A bull in the china shop

an awkard position

232. To kick one’s heels to

waste time

233. Make hay while sun shine

make best use of favourable


234. To put the spoke in one’s

wheel to disturb

235. Fancy price very high


236. Fair weather friend a

friend of good times

237. Hole and corner policy

improper policy

238. Cut no ice to make no


239. Once and for all forever

240. Oily tongue one who


241. Hand in glove with close


242. To work like a dog to

work very hard

243. To keep’s one’s finger

crossed to wish good for


244. To keep wolf away from

the door to keep off from the


245. To have several irons in

the fire to have many pieces

of work

246. A blue book a govt book

247. To feather in one’s nest


248. Odds and ends various


249. A hot line a direct

telephone line between the

heads of state

250. To read between the

lines to read the hidden


251. A mare’s nest a

discovery which looks valuable

252. To stand one’s guns to

preserve when hardship


253. To throw one’s nose at


254. A lady’s man a man of

women company

255. A baker’s dozen thirteen

256. To turn the coat pass the


257. To rock the boat


258. To chew the cuds to

muse on

259. A duck in the

thunderstorm distressed

260. Fair and square in a fair


261. A man of the world an

experience man

262. Midas touch ability to

succeed in all projects

263. To come down the world

to lose one’s social and

financial position

264. A sleeping partner an

inactive business man

265. French leave absent

without permission

266. To cut both ends to

argue in support and against

267. An arm chair job an easy

and well paid job

268. Hammer and sickle

emblem of socialism

269. Null and void invalid

270. Back stair gossip gossip

among the servants

271. To bell the cat a very

difficult task

272. To bite the dust to


273. To be in a driving seat in


274. To cross the swords to

enter into a dispute

275. To cut a sorry figure to

create poor impression

276. To die in harness die

while doing job

277. To get into hot water to

be in difficulty

278. To go through fire and

water to pass the difficulty

279. To go to dogs to be


280. To keep one’s card close

to one’s chest to be secretive

281. To hit below the belt to

blow unfairly

282. To hit the jackpot to

make money unexpectedly

283. To jump to the

conclusion to arrive on a

conclusion without any


284. To keep the ball rolling

to maintain progress

285. To let oneself go to allow


286. To lead a cat and a dog

life to quarrel constantly

287. To make good to repair

288. To miss the bus to miss

the opportunity

289. To make one’s blood cold

to frighten

290. To make both end meet

to earn more and more

291. To look through coloured

glass to see things not as they


292. To look black at

somebody to look him angrily

293. To bear a grudge to have

better feelings

294. By dint of by means of

295. By and by after


296. Bag and baggage


297. To blow one’s own

trumphet to speak loudly

about oneself

298. Back out to break the


299. Bad blood enmity

300. Blue blood noble blood

301. The bury the ice to break


302. By leaps and bounds


303. To burn the candle at

both ends to waste one’s time,

energy and money uselessly

304. By hook or by crook any


305. To burn the midnight oil

to work very hard till late


306. Below one’s dignity

below one’s position

307. Beside the mark not to

the point

308. A brown study dreaming

309. A burning question a

widely debatable question

310. A big gun an important



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