Local Area Banks

Local Area Banks were set up as per a Government of India Scheme announced in August 1996. The intention of the government was to set up new private local banks with jurisdiction over two or three contiguous districts. The objective of establishing the local area banks was to enable to mobilization of the rural savings … Continue reading Local Area Banks



1. A bed of roses comfortable and easy work 2. A black sheep rogue 3. A bolt from the blue sudden shock and sad event 4. A bone of contention cause of dispute 5. A bottle neck hindrance 6. A fair weather friend companion of good times 7. A far cry something very difficult 8. … Continue reading IDIOMS AND PHRASES


 1. Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana Launch Date- (28 August 2014) Aim- To achieve 100% financial inclusion 22 crore bank accounts opened so far Slogan: Mera Khata – Bhagya Vidhaata 2. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya AntyodayaYojana  Launch Date- (25 September 2014) Aim- To alleviate poverty through in rural & urban areas Achieved through livelihood opportunities & skill … Continue reading Some GOVERNMENT SCHEMES – One Liners

One word substitutions

1.one who believe in all gods across all religion-Pantheist/समस्‍त देवताओं को मानने वाला 2. one who don’t like boys.-Androphobia/पुरुषों का भय 3. one who don’t like girls-Gynophobia/जो लड़कियों को पसंद नहीं करता 4.study of the microscopic structure of tissues-Histology/ऊतक विज्ञान 5.loss of the ability to read-Alexia/मस्तिष्क की एक दोष की वजह से शब्दों को देखने … Continue reading One word substitutions


1.Invidious – Unpleasant and likely to cause bad feeling in other – अपमानजनक 2.Strangulation – The act of killing someone by pressing the throat - गला घोंटने का काम 3.Elate - Make (someone) ecstatically happy - प्रफुल्ललत करना  4.Precariously - Dependent on circumstances beyond one's control / Uncertain / Unstable / Insecure - खतरनाक 5.Lackadaisical … Continue reading Meanings-3