Ssc cgl 11/09/2016 3rd shift question paper

1.What happens to Entropy of water if it freezes - decreases 2.the technique of delaying outgoing acknowledgements in IT is - piggybacking 3.if Speed of earth increases what happens to weight of the body on it-decreases 4.First muslim president of INC -tyabji 5."Passive resistance" slogan given by- 6.Fermentation is an example of-anaerobic reaction 7.following country … Continue reading Ssc cgl 11/09/2016 3rd shift question paper


General science-5

What is the solvent of gold – Aquaregia What is the other name of thiamine - Vitamin B1 What is the name given to plastics that cannot be recycled - Thermosetting plastics What is the element present on lead pencils - Carbon (graphite) What is the chemical name of Vitamin E - Alpha tocopherol What … Continue reading General science-5